TytoCare FAQs

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Getting Started

Q: What do I need to use TytoCare?

A: You will need a smartphone or tablet and a Wi-Fi internet connection.

Q: What smartphones and tablets are compatible with TytoCare?

A: The TytoCare app works with the following devices:

  • Apple:
    • iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPod touch 6 and newer models.
    • iOS 10 operating system or newer versions.
  • Android:
    • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 plus, Note 5, A7, J7, LG G4 and newer models.
    • Android 4.4.4 mobile operating system or newer versions.

Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: At this time, TytoCare requires a smartphone or tablet to download the app and set up the device.

Q: What comes in the TytoCare box?

A: The TytoCare kit includes the device with exam camera and thermometer, otoscope adapter for examining the ears, stethoscope adaptor for heart and lung sounds and a tongue depressor adaptor for the throat.

Q: How long does TytoCare take to set up?

A: The process of setting up your device will take up to 10 minutes and includes only a few steps: unboxing, registration, pairing, academy and conducting a visit.

Q: Is the TytoCare app free?

A: Yes, the TytoCare app is free to download and use.

Using the Device

Q: Who can use TytoCare?

A: TytoCare is suitable for all ages. Children will need assistance from an adult when using the device. If you wear reading glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids, please use them while using TytoCare.

Q: Do I need any training to use TytoCare?

A: TytoCare has built-in training videos and guidance technology to help ensure accuracy and ease of use. During a live telehealth exam while using the device, your clinician will guide you through the examination process.

Q: What is my role in the TytoCare exam?

A: Using the device, you will carry out the examination either under the guidance of a clinician in the case of a ‘See a Clinician Online’ or using the AI embedded in the device if you are taking offline observations for an ‘Exam and Forward’.

Q: Can I use TytoCare away from home?

A: Yes. TytoCare is lightweight, compact, and portable. It is designed for all types of remote use. All you need is the TytoCare app, a smartphone or tablet and a Wi-Fi connection.

Q: Is TytoCare okay to use on sensitive skin?

A: Yes. TytoCare conducted biocompatibility testing and was found to be in full compliance with biocompatibility standards requirements.

The Clinician’s Role

Q: What is the clinician’s role in the TytoCare exam?

A: Your clinician will use the data provided by TytoCare, in combination with the video consult, to examine, diagnose and treat your conditions remotely.

Q: Is TytoCare similar to the exam tools used by clinicians in an office?

A: Yes, TytoCare includes an otoscope (ears), stethoscope (heart, lungs, and abdomen), basal thermometer and digital camera (skin and throat) and is designed to provide your clinician with the same type of examination data they would get from a face-to-face examination.

Q: What exams can be performed using TytoCare?

A: TytoCare provides your clinician with high-quality digital sounds of the heart, lungs and abdomen, high-quality digital images and video of the ears, throat, and skin and measures heart rate and body temperature. Using this examination data, your clinician can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Q: Does TytoCare provide your clinician with real-time data?

A: Yes, the device offers two main options – ‘See a Clinician Online’ or ‘Exam and Forward’. The ‘See a Clinician Online’ feature allows the provider to access the TytoCare device.

Q: What conditions can be diagnosed with TytoCare?

A: TytoCare can help a clinician diagnose and treat many common conditions, including ear infections, sore throats, fever, colds and flu, allergies, nausea, constipation, respiratory conditions, bug bites, and common skin conditions, including contact dermatitis, rash and nappy rash.

Q: Can I receive a prescription after a TytoCare telehealth visit?

A: Possibly, you need to discuss this with your clinician.

Q: Is TytoCare considered a medical device

A: Yes, TytoCare is considered a medical device and is entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).


Q: Who sees the data from my exams?

A: Exam data is sent via an encrypted, secure network and is stored on our cloud server, compliant with Device Technologies Privacy Policy and TytoCare Privacy Policy. Only you and your clinician can determine who can access your medical records.


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